Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I created this blog years ago in the hopes of sharing snippets of my lovely existence. But as always, life gets the better of me and this little parcel of online real estate has been left unattended far too long. From my very first post in 2008, then a planned, though very unsuccessful  blog comeback in 2012, I got engaged,  planned a wedding,  got married, went on my honeymoon,  conceived, gave birth and now I am mommy to a 9 month old baby. All these events should have given me enough material to write about. But, no!  Eight years, and all I have are 4 measly articles. Hopefully, this time around I get this blog running as I originally planned. Especially with a baby in tow, there is just so much to share and document. 

Let's hope I keep on writing and you, my dear readers, would keep on reading.


mrs chaitea