Saturday, June 23, 2012

the comeback v.2012

Yes, I admit it. I am guilty of abandoning this little piece of online real estate.  I have been meaning to revive this blog long ago  but I easily get distracted before I can even type the post that I have already composed in my head. Hopefully this time I can manage to keep this blog up.

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on things that have caught my fancy, including my choice of vittles, vestures and accoutrements or just about anything. Hope you keep me company...



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The Sunset Goddess said...

Hi Chai! Good to see you're blogging again. I myself have been stop and go with my blogs also but recently, I've really missed writing (which you really can't do on the social networking sites) and that's why I've been blogging a lot recently :) Keep it up! :) Will watch out for your posts :)