Sunday, August 10, 2008

let me write

I have a confession to make...

I am a frustrated writer.

No, I do not wish to write the next New York bestseller nor be awarded the Pulitzer Prize.  I just want, at the very least, to become a respectable writer, per my lowly standards.  No lofty writing ambitions for me except to be able to transpose the one million and two thoughts running at the speed of light in my brain into one coherent and written form, free for anyone and everyone to have their fill.

I have made countless attempts to work on this frustration and hone the little that is left from the writing skills I have developed from time long gone.  But I never seem to have the staying power to keep my words flowing.  I start with a paragraph or two and then I drift away, my attention diverted to some other fleeting matter.

But today, the itch to write came to taunt me.  Maybe brought about by my desire to keep my mind from being idle and to try to ease my restless soul.  

So once I again I will try to write.  To write like I've never written before.  Today, I will resolve to work on this long-standing frustration of mine.  And this virtual-rented space will help me on this project. 

I will (re)start writing and vow to keep on writing; be it about philosophy or politics, and yes, my-sometimes-exciting-oftentimes-boring existence (word of caution: i will be writing on this more than any other topic).

Then maybe, when I have written all that is that I have wanted to write, the devils that lurk within me will be cast away, then I can finally call myself a writer. 

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marcqui said...

Chai Chai!! Has a new blog site!:P

Alot of writers write because they're frustrated..

Most of the time, that's what makes their work great! ;)